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Bring water into your life with a better bottle!

Bring water into your life and give water to others

Jerry Bottle sells water bottles to raise funds for water projects around the world including the UK.  100% of profits go to charity.  You pay the market price, but the profits do good rather than going to owners or shareholders.  We have sourced the best bottle out there: food grade stainless steel; classic design; leak proof lids; odour free and lasts forever.

Here is why you, your family and your colleagues need a jerry:

We have a crazy taboo about water in the UK. Half of people turn up to work mildly dehydrated and don’t improve much before they leave.  We wait until we are ill and the Doctor instructs us to sip through the day before touching the stuff.  Why wait until you are ill to get well! 

Water is the most essential life giving force on the planet.  Wrap it in a better bottle so that you can take it with you, wherever you go.  Join in with jerry and transform your life, body and mind.

We are working with schools and organisations to promote a healthy water habit and help reduce plastic bottle pollution. 

Jerry is the trading arm of the Waterfall Charity. We are a new social enterprise.  Our first batch of bottles will fund projects in Mtapwa Tanzania, where a  5000 population has a 7km round walk to fetch water.  Fetching water keeps women out of work and children out of school.  Bring water into your life with jerry, and share it with others.


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